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    Seamoss Gummies

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    Indulge in the ocean's bounty with Phoenix Sculpt Seamoss Gummies. These delectable gummies combine the nutritional powerhouse of seamoss with a burst of natural flavors, making wellness a tasty treat.

    Key Ingredients:

    • Seamoss: A nutrient-rich sea vegetable known for its abundance of minerals, seamoss supports immune health, promotes radiant skin, and aids in overall well-being.
    • Elderberry: Packed with antioxidants, elderberry contributes to immune support and adds a delightful fruity taste to the gummies.
    • Vitamin C: This essential vitamin complements seamoss by supporting collagen production, skin health, and boosting the immune system.
    • Mango: Adding a tropical twist, mango not only enhances the flavor but also provides additional vitamins and minerals.


    • Supports immune health
    • Promotes radiant skin
    • Rich in essential minerals
    • Boosts overall well-being
    • Delicious and convenient

    How to Enjoy:

    Take 2 gummies daily to enjoy the benefits of seamoss in a tasty and convenient form. Whether as a morning treat or a midday snack, these gummies make wellness a delightful experience.

    Phoenix Sculpt Seamoss Gummies are a flavorful way to elevate your daily wellness routine. Try them now and experience the goodness of seamoss in every bite!

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