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    28 Day Detox & Apple Cider Vinegar Gummie Bundle

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    Embark on a transformative wellness journey with the Phoenix Sculpt Ultimate Wellness Bundle. This comprehensive bundle combines the benefits of our 28 Days Detox Tea with the deliciousness of ACV Gummies, providing a month-long immersion into cleansing, revitalization, and ultimate well-being.

    What's Inside:

    Phoenix Sculpt 28 Days Detox Tea:

    • Extended detox program for a thorough and sustained cleanse.
    • Supports digestion, boosts energy, and promotes radiant skin.
    • A powerful blend of lotus leaf, winter melon, dandelion leaf, and more.

    Phoenix Sculpt ACV Gummies:

    • Infused with the tangy goodness of Apple Cider Vinegar.
    • Supports immune health, aids in weight management, and boosts overall vitality.
    • A tasty addition to your daily routine for sustained wellness.


    • Comprehensive 28-day detox program
    • Sustained cleanse and ultimate well-being
    • Supports radiant skin and immune health
    • Convenient and delicious way to prioritize your health

    How to Use: Include 2 ACV gummies daily with the 28 Days Detox Tea. Follow the tea steeping instructions for a month-long journey towards ultimate wellness.

    Prioritize your health and well-being with the Phoenix Sculpt Ultimate Wellness Bundle. Embrace the transformative power of a month-long detox and experience sustained vitality!

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